What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese term that means continuous improvement. It is a term that is very popular in the world of business. Businesses use the principle of Kaizen to look for small improvements that they can use to improve the overall business. Instead of trying to come up with one big glorious, amazing idea, employees look for small things they can do to improve efficiency.  These small things that can be done to improve efficiency, somehow end up having a big impact on the business in the end. 

Using kaizen for your health


 We can use the same principle that has been used in the world of business for years to make small improvements and apply it to our health.  Many of us struggle to get to the gym or to find time to exercise.  Even with the best of intentions, things get in the way.  Dr. Robert Maurer in his book, “One small step can change your life.” recommends doing a little exercise all throughout the day instead of trying to do one big workout.  This website helps you to do that.

Start reaching your goal of exercising regularly with little baby Kaizen steps!