The Ultimate Best Practice


There is only one best practice, a dedicated device.


What is a dedicated device?


A dedicated device is  laptop that sits on a table, desk, or shelf in your home/office, that is only used for one thing; reminding you to exercise. When set to the page, every hour on the hour you will hear some chimes telling you that the exercises are about to start.


The number one thing that will make you succeed at this program is a dedicated device. The ideal dedicated device is a used laptop that sits in a corner and never moves from its spot.  Any wifi-connected laptop, mini desktop, or mini PC that has no password or autolock settings will work. My current dedicated device is an ethernet connected thin client that I paid $65 for on Ebay. Cheap used devices can be found on Kijiji, Craig's List, and other classified sites. Think of it this way. If you had a gym membership, it would cost about $50.00 per month. So spending under $100 on your dedicated device is not so bad.  Think of it as your 24-hour gym.


 Why am I so particular about using a dedicated device?


It's because I know that the moment that you start playing with your phone, or sending a text, or searching for something on the internet, the page will be closed and possibly forgotten, putting an end to your progress and daily exercise regimen. It is the difference between succeeding and failing, the difference between continuing long term and quitting.


 What should you do with your dedicated device at night?


 1) At night you can turn off the device. Just remember to turn it back on in the morning.


 What if you can't use a dedicated device?


 If you do not have an old laptop lying around and can not purchase a dedicated device at the moment, here's what to do.  Each day when you begin your workday, open your browser on your computer, click on the + sign and open a second tab. Type in the address  Don't close that tab until your workday is over.  As long as you keep this tab open, every hour on the hour, you will hear the chimes going off and you'll be able to begin your exercises.

No time to workout?  How about 4 minutes?