I clicked on the https://kaizen4health.com/channels/aerobics link and didn't see any exercises.

If this happens, please refresh the page a few times.


I am using this during working hours and my co-workers are asking about the chimes.

When you're working at the type of job where every hour on the hour, a meeting starts, the chimes can become a problem. If you're using Kaizen4health at work, I recommend turning the volume down on your dedicated device and just using Kaizen4health as a visual cue to remember to exercise.


Why do you have the exercises running at night when people are sleeping?

This is because I have friends in other parts of the world who are in other time zones. This means that they can also do the videos during the daytime. So this is set up so that it doesn't matter what time zone you live in.


Why do I need a dedicated device?

It is because not using a dedicated device is the number one way to fail at or quit this program.  For a more detailed explanation of this, click here.  Please note:  Spending more than $100 on your used laptop is strictly prohibited and not necessary.


How many times a day should I do this?

Thirty minutes of exercise is the ultimate goal. This would mean 8 times per day.  However, when you're first starting out, you'll want to remember the basic principle of kaizen. This means that perhaps on the first day you'll only do it once.  Then you'll do it twice, then after a few weeks, you'll work your way up to doing it 8 times per day.  (At the moment, just 4 weeks in, I usually do about 5 times per day.)


You should also never beat yourself up about the number of 4-minute sessions you did in a day.


Anytime you decide to move, you are improving your health.  So says Doctor Hazel Wallace. 

You can learn more about the power of movement from Doctor Hazel Wallace here:   



From the moment you get up out of the chair and start moving, you're winning.


What should I do at night when I go to bed?

1) You can leave it on if you don't want to forget to turn it on in the morning.

2) You can turn off the device completely and remember to turn it on at the beginning of each workday.

In the morning, at the beginning of your workday, when you go to the website, remember to click play, then refresh your screen. 


Can I do this program with my phone?

You could try but you shouldn't. There are two reasons you should not do this with your phone.


1) It will use up too much of your data. A laptop/desktop with a wifi connection is preferred.

2) It increases the likelihood of quitting by 99%.


What does Beta Testing mean?

It means this site is a work in progress. New features are being added and tested while user feedback is being used to improve the site. The Beta Testing period will run for about 6 months starting on August 1st, 2021.  


When did this site launch?


This site launched on August 1st, 2021.

I want to start my workout right now! What if I am ready to exercise right now and there isn't an exercise video playing?  

In between each exercise video, there will be a video with healthy food choices that will play for 7 minutes and 32 seconds. If you'd like to skip this video and start your work out immediately, just click the video immediately after the video or any exercise video and start exercising!

Your Health is worth 4 minutes.