Start with just 4 minutes a day!

Resist the sitting all day trap! Let's add a little movement to your day.

Why these short workouts rock

The Kaizen Way

The Kaizen way says start small, even with just 4 minutes a day.

Removes Excuses

"No time to exercise" is no longer a thing with mini exercise sessions.


You don’t have to block out an hour or more out of your day to do it.

A visual reminder

By leaving the device on, you always have an exercise reminder.

TIme zoneless

If you're in Toronto, Tokyo, or London, A class is starting in a few minutes.

No Language Req

The program can be done by someone even if they don’t speak English.


You can do it in a place where you need to be quiet. No sound.

Success Chances

Using a dedicated device increases the chance of workouts getting done.

Exercise Channels


Start Now. This includes both high impact and low impact exercises.


The seniors channel is temporarily on hiatus but will be back soon.

Dance Lovers

Coming Soon. If you'd rather dance than exercise, this is the class for you.

Start reaching your goal of exercising regularly with little baby Kaizen steps!